Best Front Loading Washer: Best Washing Machines for the Money


Finding the best front loading washer requires evaluating the needs of the family before searching for an appropriate machine. Some front loading washers offer a larger washer capacity for big families, while other washing machines offer features such as the steaming de-wrinkle cycle for busy families.

Consider the location of the washing machine to determine the acceptable noise level the family can tolerate. Quietly operating machines are available, but generally cost more. If the washing machine is near a bedroom or family room where a loud machine will be a disturbance, then a quieter machine will be necessary. If the front loading machine will be located in a garage or basement laundry room, the noise is less important.

Do not be talked into and pay for features that will never be used. A steaming de-wrinkle cycle sounds great, but is generally only used for t-shirts and blue jeans. If the family most often wears clothing that requires ironing, or ironing is a personal preference, then the de-wrinkle cycle will be less useful. Evaluate all the available options and think about how and how often they will be used before paying for options that are unnecessary.

Frigidaire Front Load Washer

Frigidaire manufactures several front loading washers ranging in price from $499 to $1149, and they are available for purchase at most larger appliance stores. Frigidaire front load washers offer a vibration control system that keeps the noise to a minimum. Frigidaire front load washers range from 3.1 cubic feet washer capacity to an enormous 4.4 cubic feet. With TimeWise technology, the wash time for the load equals the dry time, so long dry cycles are no longer an issue.

Frigidaire washing machines also offer specialty cycles, and have a quick sanitize feature that sanitizes a load in an hour, half the time of a regular sanitize cycle. Frigidaire machines are NSF certified to reduce 95 percent of allergens, and claim to use up to 60 percent less energy than standard washing machines.

Maytag Front Load Washer

Maytag manufactures six front load washers priced from $749 to $1399. Maytag front load washers offer up to a 4.5 cubic foot washer capacity, a smooth balance suspension system for stability and noise reduction, NSF certified sanitary cycles, and a Sensi-Care Wash System that ensures the items are washed gently.

Maytag has introduced a new Fresh Spin feature that continues to spin the clothes to keep them fresh for up to 6 hours if the load cannot be transferred to the dryer immediately, a great feature for busy families who put in a load in the morning and may not be back until late afternoon to complete it.

LG Front Load Washer

LG offers several superior washing machines that boast special features. LG front load washers have TrueBalance technology that allow them to operate quietly, making these machines ideal for a family with a second-story laundry room or a hall or kitchen laundry area. With 4.8 cubic feet of washer capacity, the LC front load washers can hold a king size comforter with bedding. Washing more in a single load saves time and money by using less water and energy.

The LG front load washer also uses ColdWash technology that allows the user to wash with cold water rather than warm or hot, which LG claims to save the user 50 percent to 80 percent on utility bills. LG machines also offer TrueSteam, which allows a user to steam clean and de-wrinkle clothing. LG appliances are available at most home improvement and appliance stores and are priced from $629 to $1889.