Painting and Decorating Your Outdoor Space at Home

outdoor spaces 1

Amidst the blistering cold of the winter months, you cannot help but imagine how lovely it would be to spend time outdoors. Basking under the sun on a warmer day can be something you want to look forward to. However, you can prepare for the spring or summer by working on your outdoor space in the coming weeks. You can come up with ideas on painting and decorating your outdoor space at home just like a pro.

Before you go crazy with your design plan, you should consider the kind of activities that you would want to have in your outdoor spaces. You can either use it for entertaining your guests or as your personal nook. You should include your personal style and customize your space according to the activities your family would want to engage in.

Here are some amazing ideas which you can use as inspiration for your outdoor space:

outdoor spaces
  1. Give your porch a well-deserved makeover. You can find affordable and easy to use accessories that can effectively transform your boring porch into an inviting and cosy sitting nook.
  2. You can paint your porch white to have that sleek and clean look. Crank up your style with the use of comfortable furniture covered with fabric which is weather-resistant. By doing so, you are trying to make your porch feel like a living room where you can hang out. Try painting your ceiling with pale blue paint to mimic the beautiful azure skyline.
  3. For those art enthusiasts, you can include your favorite artwork as interior wall decorations. If you wants something rustic, you can leave the all whitewashed or unfinished. Hang your art collections for a classy ambience.
  4. You can decorate with paint by simply adding color to your floor. You can use primer for bare wood. Choose the paint hue which will complement your house interiors very well. Aim for a color pallet that is serene and relaxing.
  5. Curtain shades can be used to make your porch or any outdoor space to be inviting and relaxing. You can make use of the curtains to provide privacy during the night and shades to block the glaring sunlight at day time.
  6. To add some whimsical charm, you can use a porch swing in your outdoor space. You can use it in the narrow lengths of your house. This will give you comfort and plenty of cushions while having your favourite snacks and beverage. Make sure your throw pillows are colourful and dainty to create a more welcoming space.


The possibilities are really endless when you are trying to extend your living space. Take pride in your creativity. You will surely have a lot of quality time with your friends and families.