Create a Woodland Garden

woodland garden 1

You can take a good deal of creative liberty to make a woodland garden reflect how you look at the world, by giving it your own personal touch. If you are a nature-lover and would like to see life blossoming in all its glory, a woodland garden is just right for you. Planting one isn’t a very tedious process, requiring attention to just a few basic essentials.

A perfect choice of place to plant a woodland garden would be a cool, shady landscape. With a limited entry to the summer sun, forest plants will thrive beautifully and joyously. When it comes to the qualities of the soil, you will need the moist type, enriched with humus and compost. Wildflowers thrive on acidic soil, and bloom to their fullest under the shade of tall trees. The falling leaves provide a good and continuous source of organic fertilizers, making a rich bed for the woodland garden.

woodland garden

When this is ready, you have to move on to deciding on the plants that will adorn your garden. And since it is a woodland garden we are talking about, you will have to choose from among the wild, native ones. But it is suggested that you choose ones which are most adaptable, so that they blend in comfortably with the environment. There are many nurseries which promote native plants. While picking the plants, be sure to keep in mind the five basic layers that must be planted. Starting from the tall trees, which will provide the essential shade, move on to the understory ones that will add beauty and contrast to your woodland garden. The northern red oaks and the red maples make good choices for the taller variety, while you can choose from the beautiful Redbuds, Dogwoods, and the alien, but magnificent, Japanese Maples.

Next in line are the shrubs and you can choose a year round variety, like the Oak leaf Hydrangea. Shrubs are followed by the herbaceous plants that come in the most diverse ranges. You can choose the ephemeral ones, like the Virginia Bluebells, but be sure to team them up with the longer-lasting ferns, so as to keep a continual bloom in your garden all year long. Right at the bottom of this beautiful forest are the ground covers, which provide a significant texture for your woodland plants, which is particularly helpful during the budding season. You can pick the maidenhair ferns or the iris cristata for the ground covers. You can also make your own creative departure from these basics and indulge in an exotic ‘wild’ affair.

Once you have put together your woodland garden, make sure to tend to it, by constantly checking for the quality of the soil and the amount of sunlight. Before you set in your plants, be sure to put some leaf compost in each of the planting pockets. Woodland flowers blossom beautifully in a good amount of sunlight, so ensure that they receive enough of it during the blooming seasons. You can do so by chipping off some low branches to let in more sunlight. Keep trimming the edges as and when needed so that your garden doesn’t overdo its simulated jungle appearance. Go ahead. Bring the jungle to your yard.