Low-cost Gutter Maintenance Insights


Gutter cleaning can really get into your nerves especially if the house you are working on is old and the thought of you getting on top of the ladder trying to scoop your gutter clean. The rotten wood can really disturb your mind and send you into a panic mode which is a very risky affair as you get to cleaning.                                                      

What if there is something you can do to ensure your gutters are in perfect condition without spending much money or time scooping dirt out of the gutters and scrubbing them? Before we get down to low-cost gutter maintenance, note that safety should be the main concern when cleaning the gutters and if you feel it is lacking, you will keep procrastinating the roofing duty as real damage settles in.


Manufacturers have come up with a way they claim will keep the gutters clean and free from leaves. Though they are not well proved to work as advertised, they do help. You need to put in mind the pros and cons as they might be costly than the conventional seamless aluminum roof gutters. The two common designs of leaf deterrent are the deflector and the mesh screen. You will need to inquire your area carefully to see which systems are available and if you can get reliable installers.

Gutter reflectors


This style of roof gutter has a solid cap over the top of the gutter and the front edge of the cap is rounded. This makes the water to follow the curves and drops into the gutter and the leaves and needles fall off the rounded edge to the ground. Some of the problems to be faced are that the deflector gutters allow some needles inside, although they are better rejected broad leaves. They also let dirt and pollen into the gutter.

Gutter meshes

gutter mesh

This style of leaf free gutter uses a mesh covering that lets water through, but blocks debris. The manufacturers argue that debris that gather on the mesh should dry and blow off by the wind the problem is that they are not durable.


Installing gutter deflectors and gutter meshes doesn’t mean that you will never inspect or clean your gutters. However, it minimizes the amount of dirt that accumulates in your gutters significantly. With that, you will pay a professional gutter cleaner less, or you will spend less time cleaning the gutters.