7 Essential Items Every Homeowner Needs

As a new homeowner, erecting a house can be a perplexing task. It is obvious that at some point in life you will need some areas of your home renovated. As such, you do not have to call a handyman whenever a simple task arises around your home. Unless it is a big task, such as an electrical project, you do not need to spend huge amounts money. 7 essential items every homeowner needsInstead, you should be able to fix the minor tasks if at all you have the right tools and little expertise to complete them. Explored in this article are the 7 essential items every homeowner needs.


It is obvious every homeowner needs a ladder. This tool can be used in many different ways around the home. For instance, you can use it to climb on top of the ceiling to remove cobwebs or change light bulbs. It is also used to climb up the walls to clean drain gutters. There are different types of ladders. A convertible one can save on space and allows for adjustments depending on your project. It is very easy to construct your own ladder using simple materials around your home. For example, you can use log poles to make a simple ladder. Make sure you nail the handles very well to avoid falling when you are at great heights. If you do not have time to make a ladder, you can buy one from a local hardware.


Almost every DIY project needs a hammer. It means there must be a hammer in every home. From nailing wood to cracking big or small stones for simple construction projects, a hammer is an essential in every home. You can buy one from the market that is going to serve you for long. Note there are different types of hammers: nail hammer and the heavy one for cracking stones. So, make sure you use the right hammer for the right job.

3-Tape Measure

Another very essential item you should have at home is a tape measure. Before cutting any piece of timber, you need to measure it first. You also need to measure the dimensions of your room before proceeding to the market to buy furniture. Other jobs you can do with it include measuring hanging artwork on the walls and built in levels. So, a tape measure is a vital item that every homeowner must have.

4-Rake and Shovel

These are seasonal necessities. For instance, whenever you want to make shallow terraces at your backyard you will need a shovel. You can also use it to pick dirt and put in a dust bin. A rake can be used for collecting dead leaves around your compound. For a shovel, you have to buy one from the nearby hardware. But you can make a rake using simple materials, especially wood. Better still, you can purchase a metallic rake from home supply stores.


It is highly recommended to have a saw at home. There are different types of saws available in the market. You can either buy a hacksaw to cut metals or the normal saw for cutting wood. You may opt for a manual one or a battery-powered saw that can cut through any hard material, such as nails.


A tarp is an essential thing every homeowner should have. Tarps can be used to cover outdoor furniture to keep off dampness. Other items that need to be covered include loan mower, vegetables and flowers in case of frost.

7-Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is also among the 7 essential items every homeowner needs. Fire outbreaks are very common so you need one that can serve you during an emergency. You can go for smaller and portable one. A large fire extinguisher is quite economical and can serve you for the next several years. If it breaks down, you can take it to your local fire department for servicing.

As a homeowner, you need to have each of the above items. These will not only make the work easier around your home, but also enable you save money on tasks that you could have hired a handyman to do.

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