DIY Room Makeover: Organization + Decor! | Meredith Foster

Today I just found a video on Youtube Uploaded by a cute girl name Meredith Foster. I got amazed after watching her flawless ideas to decorate your bedroom with no cost. You can see here video. Below I have written some details taken from the video to explain you guys more clearly.

DIY Decor IDEA – No Paint Color Wall:


So all you need to do is go to a local Wall Paint Supply shop and get some color cards as you can see in then video she is sticking all them on a white wall. That looks so amazing.

DIY Decor IDEA – Charging Station/Cord Organizer:


What she did is take a shoe box and cut that in way that a Power extension can be placed under that. Another thing she is cut the box from another side so the Charger wire can be passed through them. By this way you can easily organize your chargers and their wires and make thing away from messing up too much on your table. This idea is simply amazing.

DIY Decor IDEA – Sun Glasses Holder:

Untitled-3 copy

She took an old picture frame that has no use anymore, just eliminate the glass form that. Now, she took a chicken wire grill, you can take anything that steady enough to hold your sun glasses. Not she cuts the grill according to the frame size and Punch that in the frame with stapler machine. No she just paints that frame with her favorite color.