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How to Prevent Water Damage to your Foundation

One of the parts of your house that should never fail is the foundation. However, you must have heard of foundations that failed. Foundation failure can be caused by various things including sudden earth tremors, gradual soil erosion, and more. Note that water damage is another common cause of foundation failure. This article will focus on how you can minimize the water damage to your foundation.

Prevent water damage in your house

One of the telltale sign of water damage in your home is leaks. Hissing pipes, dripping faucets, or clogged toilets are some of the signs of leaks. If you notice such things in your home, it’s time to call an expert to analyze and address the issues. Don’t attempt to fix the problems on your own unless you are a professional plumber and you know what you are doing.

professional plumber

Other signs that your pipes and other water channels are leaking include crumbling concrete, rot and mold, stains and discolorations on your floors walls, and foundations, and more. Keep in mind that foundation damage might remain invisible until it’s too late.

For example, it is add to know if a pipe below your house floor has busted or have loose valves. One way of spotting such leaks is by turning off all the taps in your house for a few hours and then check if the meter reading continues to change.

Note that if such leaks are left unaddressed, they might damage your foundations gradually. This might be costly to correct and in worst cases might make your esteemed house to crumble down. Besides, you are likely to be paying higher water bills if the problem isn’t corrected.

To be on the safe side, you should conduct home inspections from time to time to ensure that any leak is spotted as early as possible.

home inspections

Prevent water damage outside your house

Rain and runoff can have negative impact on your house foundation. Therefore, it is advisable to frequently inspect your property’s exterior. This will include:

  • Check for and fix loose, broken or missing roof tiles
  • At the beginning of every winter, clean your gutters to ensure that the water from rooftop is channeled away to prevent it from damaging the foundation.
  • Make sure that all the downspouts eject water for the roof top at least two yards away from the foundation

Always check your foundation to ensure that its strong. If you notice any flaw, it should be corrected by an expert.




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Painting and Decorating Your Outdoor Space at Home

Amidst the blistering cold of the winter months, you cannot help but imagine how lovely it would be to spend time outdoors. Basking under the sun on a warmer day can be something you want to look forward to. However, you can prepare for the spring or summer by working on your outdoor space in the coming weeks. You can come up with ideas on painting and decorating your outdoor space at home just like a pro.

Before you go crazy with your design plan, you should consider the kind of activities that you would want to have in your outdoor spaces. You can either use it for entertaining your guests or as your personal nook. You should include your personal style and customize your space according to the activities your family would want to engage in.

Here are some amazing ideas which you can use as inspiration for your outdoor space:

outdoor spaces
  1. Give your porch a well-deserved makeover. You can find affordable and easy to use accessories that can effectively transform your boring porch into an inviting and cosy sitting nook.
  2. You can paint your porch white to have that sleek and clean look. Crank up your style with the use of comfortable furniture covered with fabric which is weather-resistant. By doing so, you are trying to make your porch feel like a living room where you can hang out. Try painting your ceiling with pale blue paint to mimic the beautiful azure skyline.
  3. For those art enthusiasts, you can include your favorite artwork as interior wall decorations. If you wants something rustic, you can leave the all whitewashed or unfinished. Hang your art collections for a classy ambience.
  4. You can decorate with paint by simply adding color to your floor. You can use primer for bare wood. Choose the paint hue which will complement your house interiors very well. Aim for a color pallet that is serene and relaxing.
  5. Curtain shades can be used to make your porch or any outdoor space to be inviting and relaxing. You can make use of the curtains to provide privacy during the night and shades to block the glaring sunlight at day time.
  6. To add some whimsical charm, you can use a porch swing in your outdoor space. You can use it in the narrow lengths of your house. This will give you comfort and plenty of cushions while having your favourite snacks and beverage. Make sure your throw pillows are colourful and dainty to create a more welcoming space.


The possibilities are really endless when you are trying to extend your living space. Take pride in your creativity. You will surely have a lot of quality time with your friends and families.

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Create a Woodland Garden

You can take a good deal of creative liberty to make a woodland garden reflect how you look at the world, by giving it your own personal touch. If you are a nature-lover and would like to see life blossoming in all its glory, a woodland garden is just right for you. Planting one isn’t a very tedious process, requiring attention to just a few basic essentials.

A perfect choice of place to plant a woodland garden would be a cool, shady landscape. With a limited entry to the summer sun, forest plants will thrive beautifully and joyously. When it comes to the qualities of the soil, you will need the moist type, enriched with humus and compost. Wildflowers thrive on acidic soil, and bloom to their fullest under the shade of tall trees. The falling leaves provide a good and continuous source of organic fertilizers, making a rich bed for the woodland garden.

woodland garden

When this is ready, you have to move on to deciding on the plants that will adorn your garden. And since it is a woodland garden we are talking about, you will have to choose from among the wild, native ones. But it is suggested that you choose ones which are most adaptable, so that they blend in comfortably with the environment. There are many nurseries which promote native plants. While picking the plants, be sure to keep in mind the five basic layers that must be planted. Starting from the tall trees, which will provide the essential shade, move on to the understory ones that will add beauty and contrast to your woodland garden. The northern red oaks and the red maples make good choices for the taller variety, while you can choose from the beautiful Redbuds, Dogwoods, and the alien, but magnificent, Japanese Maples.

Next in line are the shrubs and you can choose a year round variety, like the Oak leaf Hydrangea. Shrubs are followed by the herbaceous plants that come in the most diverse ranges. You can choose the ephemeral ones, like the Virginia Bluebells, but be sure to team them up with the longer-lasting ferns, so as to keep a continual bloom in your garden all year long. Right at the bottom of this beautiful forest are the ground covers, which provide a significant texture for your woodland plants, which is particularly helpful during the budding season. You can pick the maidenhair ferns or the iris cristata for the ground covers. You can also make your own creative departure from these basics and indulge in an exotic ‘wild’ affair.

Once you have put together your woodland garden, make sure to tend to it, by constantly checking for the quality of the soil and the amount of sunlight. Before you set in your plants, be sure to put some leaf compost in each of the planting pockets. Woodland flowers blossom beautifully in a good amount of sunlight, so ensure that they receive enough of it during the blooming seasons. You can do so by chipping off some low branches to let in more sunlight. Keep trimming the edges as and when needed so that your garden doesn’t overdo its simulated jungle appearance. Go ahead. Bring the jungle to your yard.


Low-cost Gutter Maintenance Insights

Gutter cleaning can really get into your nerves especially if the house you are working on is old and the thought of you getting on top of the ladder trying to scoop your gutter clean. The rotten wood can really disturb your mind and send you into a panic mode which is a very risky affair as you get to cleaning.                                                      

What if there is something you can do to ensure your gutters are in perfect condition without spending much money or time scooping dirt out of the gutters and scrubbing them? Before we get down to low-cost gutter maintenance, note that safety should be the main concern when cleaning the gutters and if you feel it is lacking, you will keep procrastinating the roofing duty as real damage settles in.


Manufacturers have come up with a way they claim will keep the gutters clean and free from leaves. Though they are not well proved to work as advertised, they do help. You need to put in mind the pros and cons as they might be costly than the conventional seamless aluminum roof gutters. The two common designs of leaf deterrent are the deflector and the mesh screen. You will need to inquire your area carefully to see which systems are available and if you can get reliable installers.

Gutter reflectors


This style of roof gutter has a solid cap over the top of the gutter and the front edge of the cap is rounded. This makes the water to follow the curves and drops into the gutter and the leaves and needles fall off the rounded edge to the ground. Some of the problems to be faced are that the deflector gutters allow some needles inside, although they are better rejected broad leaves. They also let dirt and pollen into the gutter.

Gutter meshes

gutter mesh

This style of leaf free gutter uses a mesh covering that lets water through, but blocks debris. The manufacturers argue that debris that gather on the mesh should dry and blow off by the wind the problem is that they are not durable.


Installing gutter deflectors and gutter meshes doesn’t mean that you will never inspect or clean your gutters. However, it minimizes the amount of dirt that accumulates in your gutters significantly. With that, you will pay a professional gutter cleaner less, or you will spend less time cleaning the gutters.


Adding a Fireplace to an Existing Home

With costs extending $30,000 for a conventional block hearth and shelf, including a chimney can be a significant speculation. In case you’re thinking about whether you’ll get an arrival on that venture, the answer is: possibly. While intangibles, for example, crackling flares and sentimental climate may make a chimney worth the cost, buyer demeanors toward chimneys have been in flux over the previous decade. Here are some truths you may need to know.

Chimneys are Trending Up as Desirable Features

The National Association of REALTORS 2013 Overview of homebuyers’ inclinations recorded chimneys as a standout amongst the most-favored home components. Right around 40% of homebuyers said they would pay additional (a middle of $1,400) for a house with no less than one chimney.

That is uplifting news when it comes time to showcase your home.

Those details are bolstered by a 2012 homebuyers overview from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), in which more than half of respondents said a chimney was a fundamental or attractive component, up somewhat from a comparable 2007 NAHB study.

As indicated by the U.S. Registration Bureau, 49% of new homes worked in 2012 included no less than one chimney. That is down from 57% ten years back, in spite of the fact that the numbers may likewise mirror manufacturers’ endeavors to spare expenses for improvement houses.

Coordinate Your Fireplace Budget to Your House

Well, I know that you may want to get the best fireplace but you want to spend thousands of dollars. And of course, you don’t have to spent huge chunks of money to get a perfect fireplace. Here are things you may need to know.

• A chimney isn’t ascertained independently in an expert home evaluation, so it’s precarious to dole out esteem to your interest in glimmering blazes.
• Consider your home’s general appreciation, when you gauge how much a chimney may add to the estimation of your home. A $10,000 chimney holds its esteem in a $1 million house since purchasers expect this component in an upscale home.
• However, a $10,000 chimney won’t be such a vital part of a $100,000 house, particularly if other crucial elements that potential purchasers consider more imperative are inadequate.

The most efficient method to Max Out Value

Each one of us wishes to get the maximum value of their money. I believe you aren’t an exception. Therefore, if you want to get the highest value of your money when purchasing a fireplace;
• To boost your pleasure — and esteem — put a chimney where you’ll get the most use from it: the family room, impressive room, or kitchen.
• For littler, simple to-warmth rooms, for example, an office, visitor room, or main room, consider a little gas chimney that is anything but difficult to keep up.


Adding a fireplace in your existing home can be costly but when you already know a few tricks, you can effectively minimize the expenses associated with the task.

Cabinet Doors

The kitchen is an essential part of every home, and it requires a lot of attention to keep it maintain and steady clean. Everything in the kitchen should be of high quality and durable because the kitchen is the most used place of the home. The things people notice in the kitchen are modern appliances, the glossy granite counter top. But the most amazing part of the kitchen is their cabinet system, usually not the cabinet system but the doors of cabinet exactly.


Cabinet doors often represent your flavor of the class. Cabinet doors should be reliable enough to handle the load of everyday usage. There are some simple ways through which you can make your kitchen cabinets classier.

The doors makeover

If you are bored with your old cabinet doors or want a new color or art on the door, then you must follow some of these steps

Make them paint

Painting to the doors is the biggest solution to get new apparel for your kitchen. You can just blend some different shades according to the matching of your kitchen. It is also a straightforward and affordable alternative and does not require a lot of hard work.

Replace the faces

The other most popular tip is to change the facing part of your doors completely. Though it’s a little expensive, this can give your kitchen a dramatic change. It’s a simple method to reface the front because they are usually made up of cardboard, and you can fix them by applying some lubricant or adhesives.

Replace the doors

However, this is the last option available for you if you want to change the design, color, art of kitchen completely. This option can be more expensive, and a lot of time-consuming but can give a fresh look to your décor. This replacement might be the best alternative if you want to rid of your traditional style kitchen and wants an updated version of it.

Bug Prevention At Home & Office

Of all the potential family unit bugs that can be an issue for property holders, the most troublesome irritation to recognize or control is blood suckers. Bloodsuckers are nighttime in nature, and they can shroud anyplace, for example, sleeping cushion creases, sheets, furniture and fissure behind baseboards and electrical outlets. They regularly enter homes tactfully by sticking to attire or gear, and once they set up themselves inside a home, the best way to dispense with the invasion is with medications by a bug control proficient.

The best technique for blood sucker control is avoidance, and there are numerous moves one can make to keep kissing bugs out of their homes and also their places of organizations. The accompanying is blood sucker anticipation tips for the home and office.


Our homes are constantly defenseless against bloodsucker invasions since they are phenomenal voyagers and move from place to put clung to apparel, shoes, or baggage. These anticipation tips will help you keep kissing bugs from steadily entering your home.

• Assess and vacuum all baggage after a get-away.
• At the point when in a lodging, keep your baggage raised off the floor.
• Continuously make visual investigations of friendly accommodation.
• Investigate any bit of second-hand furniture altogether for bloodsuckers before bringing it into your home.
• Routinely check pet quaint little inns where your pets rest for bloodsuckers.


Homes are by all account not the only places where kissing bugs are a danger, as a result of their phenomenal voyaging capacities; individuals may track them into their workplaces. As indicated by a late overview taken by the National Pest Management Association, 36% of vermin experts have found and treated bloodsuckers in workplaces or business structures. Take after these tips to keep your office free of bloodsuckers.

• Routinely perfect and vacuum each territory of the building, for example, workplaces, anterooms, kitchens, and restrooms.
• Ensure each worker examines for indications of a bloodsucker pervasion in the furniture and upholstery and behind electrical attachments and surge defenders.
• Evade mess however much as could be expected, this will just give spots to the kissing bugs to stow away.
• Completely review all shipments or new items and supplies for kissing bugs before bringing them into the building.
• Request that all representatives report any indications of a kissing bug pervasion and have every report researched by some vermin proficient.
• Execute an arrangement for representatives who have a kissing bug pervasion in their home to help them abstain from following bloodsuckers into the workplace incidentally.
Follow the tips discussed in this article to effectively control and prevent bugs at your home and office.

DIY Room Makeover: Organization + Decor! | Meredith Foster

Today I just found a video on Youtube Uploaded by a cute girl name Meredith Foster. I got amazed after watching her flawless ideas to decorate your bedroom with no cost. You can see here video. Below I have written some details taken from the video to explain you guys more clearly.

DIY Decor IDEA – No Paint Color Wall:


So all you need to do is go to a local Wall Paint Supply shop and get some color cards as you can see in then video she is sticking all them on a white wall. That looks so amazing.

DIY Decor IDEA – Charging Station/Cord Organizer:


What she did is take a shoe box and cut that in way that a Power extension can be placed under that. Another thing she is cut the box from another side so the Charger wire can be passed through them. By this way you can easily organize your chargers and their wires and make thing away from messing up too much on your table. This idea is simply amazing.

DIY Decor IDEA – Sun Glasses Holder:

Untitled-3 copy

She took an old picture frame that has no use anymore, just eliminate the glass form that. Now, she took a chicken wire grill, you can take anything that steady enough to hold your sun glasses. Not she cuts the grill according to the frame size and Punch that in the frame with stapler machine. No she just paints that frame with her favorite color.

7 Essential Items Every Homeowner Needs

As a new homeowner, erecting a house can be a perplexing task. It is obvious that at some point in life you will need some areas of your home renovated. As such, you do not have to call a handyman whenever a simple task arises around your home. Unless it is a big task, such as an electrical project, you do not need to spend huge amounts money. 7 essential items every homeowner needsInstead, you should be able to fix the minor tasks if at all you have the right tools and little expertise to complete them. Explored in this article are the 7 essential items every homeowner needs.


It is obvious every homeowner needs a ladder. This tool can be used in many different ways around the home. For instance, you can use it to climb on top of the ceiling to remove cobwebs or change light bulbs. It is also used to climb up the walls to clean drain gutters. There are different types of ladders. A convertible one can save on space and allows for adjustments depending on your project. It is very easy to construct your own ladder using simple materials around your home. For example, you can use log poles to make a simple ladder. Make sure you nail the handles very well to avoid falling when you are at great heights. If you do not have time to make a ladder, you can buy one from a local hardware.


Almost every DIY project needs a hammer. It means there must be a hammer in every home. From nailing wood to cracking big or small stones for simple construction projects, a hammer is an essential in every home. You can buy one from the market that is going to serve you for long. Note there are different types of hammers: nail hammer and the heavy one for cracking stones. So, make sure you use the right hammer for the right job.

3-Tape Measure

Another very essential item you should have at home is a tape measure. Before cutting any piece of timber, you need to measure it first. You also need to measure the dimensions of your room before proceeding to the market to buy furniture. Other jobs you can do with it include measuring hanging artwork on the walls and built in levels. So, a tape measure is a vital item that every homeowner must have.

4-Rake and Shovel

These are seasonal necessities. For instance, whenever you want to make shallow terraces at your backyard you will need a shovel. You can also use it to pick dirt and put in a dust bin. A rake can be used for collecting dead leaves around your compound. For a shovel, you have to buy one from the nearby hardware. But you can make a rake using simple materials, especially wood. Better still, you can purchase a metallic rake from home supply stores.


It is highly recommended to have a saw at home. There are different types of saws available in the market. You can either buy a hacksaw to cut metals or the normal saw for cutting wood. You may opt for a manual one or a battery-powered saw that can cut through any hard material, such as nails.


A tarp is an essential thing every homeowner should have. Tarps can be used to cover outdoor furniture to keep off dampness. Other items that need to be covered include loan mower, vegetables and flowers in case of frost.

7-Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is also among the 7 essential items every homeowner needs. Fire outbreaks are very common so you need one that can serve you during an emergency. You can go for smaller and portable one. A large fire extinguisher is quite economical and can serve you for the next several years. If it breaks down, you can take it to your local fire department for servicing.

As a homeowner, you need to have each of the above items. These will not only make the work easier around your home, but also enable you save money on tasks that you could have hired a handyman to do.

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6 Tips to Keep Your Houseplants Healthy

When it comes to keeping houseplants alive and healthy, many households face a lot of challenges. Perhaps, it is due to lack of knowledge to take care of the plants or lack of enough time to attend to them. As such, this article has some helpful tips on how to keep bring them back to life and ensure they are healthy at all times.

To begin with, you need to know your plant pretty well. It is true most plants come with tags, which explain the conditions they require. Most people ignore such tags and they end up giving their plants conditions they cannot survive in. It is, therefore, advisable to read the tag carefully in order to familiarize yourself with the requirements of that particular plant. You need to know how much water and sunlight it requires for it to survive. Note that some plants do not even need a lot of water or sunlight, so you need to know your plant very well so that you can give it what it requires in right amounts.

Next, you need to pay close attention to its appearance or look. Study the soil very well. If the soil is dry, keep watering until some drops emerge via the drainage holes. After doing that, only give the plant water when the soil dries up just to keep it moist. You should now start observing the new growth. Check whether the plant is producing leaves and shoots. If it is not, it probably needs a lighter fertilizer in order to restore the growth. If you notice new growth but leaves are thin and stretching towards the sun, then clearly the plant requires more sunlight. To have even growth, consider rotating your plants a quarter turn every week. Bear in mind also that stunted growth can be caused by too much fertilizer, so you may be expected to lower fertilization levels and see what happens.

Again, know the kind of water you have. If you are watering properly and your plant is not doing well, then there could be a problem with your water. In most cases, tap water contains excessive levels of chlorine, which is poisonous to most plants. You may consider using filtered water or rainwater. Alternatively, you can put tap water in a bucket and place it in the sun so that chlorine can evaporate leaving water that is safe for your plants.

Also, you need to check on your location. Know the climate of your area. Keep your plants away from cold and hot areas of your home. Keep them away from air conditioning systems. If the plants are in direct sunlight and leaves seem to dry, take them to a place that experiences indirect sunlight. You also need to check the home of your plant. Mostly these plants are grown in pots so ensure the soil is not so compacted to allow penetration of roots.

In addition, give your plants the love they need. Always ensure your plants are happy. You have to keep on checking for pests and dust buildup on the leaves. If you find pests, use the right pesticides to drive them away. If they are dusty, use soft piece of cloth to remove the debris on the leaves to make them breath well. Do not forget to prune regularly. Most of house plants require much pruning. The best time to do pruning is in the spring whereby you remove brown, yellow and dead leaves, as well as the stems.

To have healthy houseplants, you need to observe the above discussed tips. A houseplant that is taken good care of not only remains healthy but also lasts for the next several years.


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